Show Notes: Additional Information On Our Episodes, Part 1

This show, “Michigan and other Mayhem”, is a sort of factual, slightly comical, always earnest podcast about interesting stuff in Michigan and around the world. It is done by two sisters-in-law (Ali and Jenn) that like to talk about random interesting stories.  Expect cults, mysteries, murder, fast talking, and a couple of mental palate cleansers… and cuss words.  Those happen on this show, a lot.

Episode 34: Ali and Jenn are giving additional information on podcasts they’ve already done.

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  • Pretend podcast music because Jenn likes it.
  • Ali has a weird laugh. It is often loud.

Ali starts with podcasts that she likes.  “Beach too sandy, water too wet” is one that does funny reviews on Yelp, etc. Highly recommended by her. Jenn suggested that they look up hotels in Cocoa Beach, FL.  Ali also likes “Family Secrets” as a podcast. A lot of it has to do with DNA testing.  Those kits are changing people’s lives. People used to think Ali and her sisters were triplets, but there are eight years between the oldest (Poppy) and the youngest (Cassie).

Jenn and Ali are locked in combat with a squirrel that is invading Jenn’s house. It caused Jenn to drink twice in one day.

From a podcast we did in October of 2018: The Benton Harbor House of David is a cult that was established in Benton Harbor, Michigan in 1903. The cult’s membership peaked in the 1920’s, with the religious entity owning an island and an amusement park. Due to a sexual abuse scandal in the late 1920’s the House of David split into two factions, both remaining in the area. The House of David was known for their baseball team exhibitions.

Today’s additional information comes from an article. A man named Phil Leece was told stories by his father about how he once was the catcher for a game that was pitched by baseball Hall of Fame member, Satchel Paige. Phil’s dad, George, used to play baseball for a local team in Denver, CO. Phil remembered George telling him that Satchel threw the ball so hard, his hand was swollen twice its normal size after the game. What Phil didn’t know, was how George managed to be on the same team as Satchel.

One day Phil was listening to NPR and heard about a man named Chris Siriano, who had written a book on Satchel Paige. Chris solved the mystery for Phil. There was a barnstorming tournament and Satchel Paige, playing with the House of David, came to town. Cy Perkins, Satchel’s regular catcher, wasn’t able to make to the city to play. George agreed to be his back-up and was given a House of David jersey to play in.  It was that jersey that Phil would sometimes wear as a child, sparking his interest in the mystery.

From a podcast we did in November of 2018: Ali talked about lake sturgeon being in the Great Lakes for the last 136 million years. She considers it to be Michigan’s evolutional answer to Florida’s alligator.

Today’s additional information comes from an article. Last spring the DNR (department of natural resources) released more than 12,000 juvenile sturgeon into Michigan’s public waters. That is twice the amount of fish they released in 2017. Lake sturgeon can live for over 100 years and weigh up a couple hundred pounds. They are harmless bottom feeders who pose no risk to humans.

From a podcast we did in January of 2019:  Pastor kills transgendered woman. Albert Walters, the pastor,  will be tried for open murder in December for the killing of Kelly Stough. He is the man who killed Kelly, went to work, punched in, then called the police.  At the time, he claimed he was attacked. Mr. Walters told police his weapon went off on mistake.

From a podcast we did in January of 2019:  Rhoden family slaughter.  This was the case in which an entire family was killed in multiple homes in one night.  It was believed to be due to a child custody cast. Currently they are still in the pretrial evidence discovery phase. All evidence should be turned over to the defense by June 1st. We should here of the trial officially starting end of September. It will be the first quarter of 2020 until we see the trial of the two grandmothers. The family, with the exception of the two grandmothers, are in jail. The Grandmothers are on house arrest with GPS bracelets.

From a podcast we did in January of 2019: The Northville Psychiatric Hospital was established in 1952, with luxurious accommodations for patients. Due to a decline in state funding through the 1970’s and 80’s, the hospital became a site for abuse and neglect.  Every building on the sprawling 453-acre property was shut down in 2003.  Teens, such as Ali’s cousin J, used to go hang out at the abandoned property, including the underground tunnels.

Today’s additional information comes from an article. As of today, the city of Northville Michigan has almost fully completed the demolition of the eight-story main hospital building. Officials say the building was an eyesore, a safety hazard, and it costs the city money to police it from trespassers.

From a podcast we did in February of 2019: Serial Killer Leslie Allen Williams. Leslie was a habitual offender that attacked and raped women, each time he was paroled. After his last release from jail, he killed four young women and raped a nine-year-old girl. It was an ex-girlfriend of Leslie’s that lead police to a field that ended up containing the bodies of his victims.

Today’s additional information comes from someone who contacted us via Facebook. This person later deleted their post, so I will keep their name private out of respect. This is what she sent, “I was Leslie girlfriend the whole time… I WARNED the WIXOM police about the rape of a 9 yr old in Milford area… THEY ignored me… and he went onto kill 4 more… I was then harassed by the WIXOM POLICE… relentlessly… becuz they did not believe me… The Wixom police department… really messed up…”

From a podcast we did in March of 2019:  Murder of Stephen McAfee.  This is the case where Stephen disappeared.  Later, his friend, Andrew was charged with his murder. Andrew claimed that he was walking in the woods with Stephen when Stephen attacked. Andrew claimed self-defense.  However, later you find out he brought a girl, Evette, to view the body and together they disposed of it.   Andrew Fiacco was found guilty of the murder and dismemberment of Stephen McAfee. He was sentenced to 52 years in prison. Evette MacDonald was found guilty of accessory after the fact. She received 1 year in prison and 3 years of probation.

From a podcast we did in March of 2019: Ali discussed the Mackinac Bridge during a discussion about 20 things you might have to explain if someone isn’t from Michigan. The Mackinac Bridge is the largest suspension Bridge in the Western Hemisphere, connecting the state’s upper and lower peninsula. Michigan provides an escort service for people too fearful to cross the bridge on their own.

Today’s additional information comes from Ali’s mom, Sheila. Sheila and Ali’s stepdad, Dave, went to the UP (upper peninsula) to pick up a family tractor.  Dave collected John Deere tractors and memorabilia. The day the two of them were supposed to cross the Mackinac Bridge, south to the lower peninsula, there was a high wind advisory. The bridge was already closed to people driving north. The bridge authorities told my mom and stepdad that they couldn’t cross unless semi-trucks were willing to drive alongside them to buffer the wind. Three truck drivers agreed and the four of them left, with my mom and Dave pulling a huge trailer with a farming tractor on it. My mom said you would feel their truck and the tractor/trailer being lifted and pushed around by the wind despite the semi buffers. She said she was simultaneously praying and threatening Dave with never being forgiven if she drowns. She thought they too, were going to be blown over the edge, like what happened to a woman in the 1980’s.

From a podcast we did in March of 2019: Ali discussed the plethora of potholes in Michigan during a discussion about 20 things you might have to explain if someone isn’t from Michigan.

Today’s additional information comes from an article. The following happened in Nebraska, but it just as likely to happen in Michigan. A man was in an ambulance, suffering from a rapid heartbeat.  The ambulance hit a pothole and jolted so hard, that it bumped the man’s heartbeat back to its regular pace.  There is one other case of this happening in the 1970’s. The article was brought to our attention by guest podcaster, Caid.

From a podcast we did in March of 2019: Ali discussed the fact that Michigan is the only state in the United States that is formed from two peninsulas during a discussion about 20 things you might have to explain if someone isn’t from Michigan. Both peninsulas are surrounded by the Great Lakes.

Today’s additional information comes from an article. Last year, 2018, broke a record with the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, which has tracked drowning deaths in the Great Lakes since 2010.  2018 was the first year the number of people drowning went above 100, to reach 110. Lake Michigan took 39 lives, while 35 lives were lost to Lake Erie. Historically, nearly half of all water deaths occur on Lake Michigan. On August 5, 2018 a human chain pulled five different struggling swimmers out of the water.

The Executive Director of the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project blames warm weather mixed with high winds. People are seeking heat relief from the weather while dismissing red flag warnings at state park beaches. Statistically, the person most likely to drown on a Great Lake is a male African American teenager, making up 85% of the deaths.

In a water emergency follow the reminder “flip, float, follow”. Flip on your back to calm down and catch your breath. Float until you no longer feel you are in crisis. Follow a riptide or current, until you can safely escape  it. Don’t directly swim against a rip tide. Should the current pull you away from shore, don’t try to swim directly back, but try to swim diagonally to leave the riptide.

From a podcast we did in April of 2019:  Wilda Wilkinson. Her home was broken into and she was robbed and killed.  Michael Curry confessed to her death five times.  We talked about how Michael Curry had been charged in Wilda Wilkinson’s cold case murder from 1986. On May 4th it was reported that Michael Curry’s charges were dismissed, and he was released from jail. When the state police were asked if Michael Curry was still a suspect, they directed the question to the prosecutor’s office. No reason has been given to why the charges were dropped.

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